Discoid morphology of lateral meniscus
Please note that my 6 yr old daughter, Vaishali Singh, had recently gone under some medical checkups (for clicking sound in both knees) and she has been diagnosis with a disease “Discoid morphology of lateral meniscus”. As per doctor’s advice, she needs to go through under a joint’s operation. Where as some of them advise us not to do any operation at this age. Please find the attached various reports and finding. Dr. Deepak Kumar Mishra (Medanta Hospital) instructed us to consult with you prior doing anything to her. To seek a good advice and better recommendations regarding her treatment we are writing this letter to you. Kindly suggest us what to do in her case. Thanking you. BRGDS Bishal K Singh Patna, Bihar
asked on 13 Aug at 01:17 PM
Dear Mr. Bishal Singh, Thanks for your query. It is a very common problem in children. One need not get to worried. If it is disabling then she needs surgery now. Otherwise we can wait until she grows up. Regards, Dr. David Rajan
Dr. David V. Rajan
answered on 16 Aug at 12:24 PM

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