ACL tear problem after reconstruction
I had an ACL tear in 2003 and you were my doctor at Apollo hospitals in Chennai. You suggested I do arthroscopic surgery to reconstruct my torn ligament. The surgery went well and I haven't had any issues for 13 years now. I swim, run and do floor exercises regularly and my knee has been good and strong since surgery. Over the last month, after a hectic trip, my knee started locking itself. I went in to the doctor (I am now doing postdoctoral research at UT Southwestern Medical school, in Texas, USA so I went in to the doctor here) and they told me after taking a MRI that my IT band was getting caught up in the nail/screw used to reconstruct my knee. So every time my IT band was getting caught my knee was locking itself. My question is have you heard this happen to ACL reconstructions? Would you suggest I remove the implants then? Will my knee be ok after I remove the implants?
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Sushama Sivakumar
asked on 15 Aug at 08:54 PM
Dear Ms. Sushama, Thanks for your query. Yes there is a chance. Please get the necessary treatment there itself. No need to come to India for this. Regards, Dr. David Rajan
Dr. David V. Rajan
answered on 18 Aug at 03:52 PM

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