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Dear Sir, I'm Vinoth(Age 28) & my wife name is Selvi(Age 24). We married 3 years before and still we haven't got a child. We live in Muscat, Oman. Last 2 and half years we were consulting a doctor here in Atlas Hospital, Muscat. At the earlier stage of our consultation with Dr.Maheswari Rajalingam(Gynecologist), she diagonised that my wife has PCOS problem and she prescribed my wife to take medicine( Glucophage tablet 500mg XR,Folitab every day, Duphaston tablet to get periods) and to do some physical exercise. Under the above medication, egg formed(doctor has put Pregnyl injection 7 days from 6th day of period) and my wife conceived in October 2014. Doctor followed IUI treatment to make my wife to get pregnant. Due to some reason by end of the same month my wife aborted. And doctor followed DNC procedure for abortion. Doctor told that child's heart beat has stopped. We left a 2 month gap and stopped all the treatments as per doctor's advice. Then again we started the treatment egg formed(same pregnyl injection used) and doctor asked us to do the normal sex intercourse to get pregnant. unfortunately it didn't happen. Then again a month gap and doctor asked to check the LH levels and she is not satisfied with the LH levels. She increased the dosage of Glucopahe to 750mg and asked my wife to take them on the nights(now Total glucophage consumption per day is 1250mg). We tested the LH levels again on my wife's second day of the period and still doctor not satisfied with the LH levels and doctor prescribed my wife to take GYNERA tablet(She told its a birth control tablet) for 3 months to bring back the LH levels normal. And now my wife is not taking GYNERA tablet. we worried that this tablet might affect our child birth for many more months. We heard lots of news about ARC fertility center and its success rates. From now on we are planning to consult with you doctor. As we nearing our 3rd wedding anniversary and our parents are already started worrying about our child birth we want to take this matter more serious and we are expecting your help here doctor. Kindly guide and treat us to get my wife pregnant and to deliver a child. On your guidance we can come any time to Chennai for consultation and to start treatment. We just want to know whether I need to come for first consultation? Due to some work allotment I can't come until July 20, 2015. But I can send my wife anytime. I can also take any test you wanted and I can send them along with my wife if needed. Kindly guide us to move forward. Thanks. -- Regards, Vinoth Pandian
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Vinoth Pandian
asked on 31 May at 09:27 PM
Mr.Vinoth, I will be coming to Muscat from 7-9th Spetember to participate in Medical expo. My mobile no is +91 9884056759. Share ur contact no. We will discuss on mutual convenient time. Meanwhile click the link below. Go through the vidoes. U will get complete details of how to take care of PCOS. Further course on personal discussion.
DrSaravanan Lakshmanan
answered on 10 Jul at 01:37 PM

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