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Hi Doctor I am 28 years old. My wife is 27. We have been planning to have a baby for the past 4 months but conception is not happening. Just for a confirmation, I did a semen analysis from HiTech laboratory. I will explain the details of the report below. Time of collection : 7.15Am Time of liquification : 7.45AM Volume : 4.5ml Colour : opaque grey Viscosity : normal PH : alkaline Liquification time : within 30 minutes Motility 1/2hr 1hr 1.5hr Quick 40% 36% 32% Sluggish 10% 12% 14% Dead 50% 52% 54% Sperm count : 2.9million / ML Pus cells : 3-5 / HPF Morphology Normal : 90% Giant headed : 4% Pin headed : 3% Double headed : 2% Double tailed : 1% I feel the count of sperm is very low. I would like to have your opinion on this. We are ready to consult you based on your opinion. Currently I am out of station. Your reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks Sandeep
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Sandeep R
asked on 08 Jul at 02:53 PM
Kindly come and consult Dr. Radhakrishnan .He sees male infertility patients on Fridays and Wednesday by 1:30 PM by prior appointment.Your consultation charge has been received. Please Come and consult DR. Radahkrishnan
Dr. Vijayalakshmi
answered on 11 Jul at 10:47 AM

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